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Kioxia, Western Digital Boost 3D Flash Memory Performance

TOKYO/SAN FRANCISCO: Kioxia, formerly Toshiba Memory, and data storage giant Western Digital have jointly announced their Gen6, 162-layer 3D flash memory technology.

The Gen6 flash memory features advanced architecture beyond conventional eight-stagger memory hole array.

The companies said it achieves up to 10 percent greater lateral cell array density, compared to fifth-generation technology.

The lateral scaling advancement, in combination with 162 layers of stacked vertical memory, enables a 40 percent reduction in die size, compared to the 112-layer stacking technology, optimising cost.

The Kioxia and Western Digital teams also enable the Gen6 flash to deliver nearly 2.4 times better program performance and 10 percent improvement in read latency.

Overall, the new 3D flash memory technology reduces the cost per bit, as well as increasing the manufactured bits per wafer by 70 percent

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