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iPhone’s “Blue Screen Of Death” Horror


An army of Apple owners are complaining the new iPhone 5s running iOS7 are turning blue, freezing and rebooting, known as the “Blue Screen of

The bug similar to an error experienced on older versions of Microsoft Windows. 

The Blue Screen appears to occur when using Apple’s iWork apps, multitasking
and others including music apps, according to Apple user forums.

The “Blue Screen of Death” is also affecting iPad users.   

“So I got my iPhone 5s yesterday and set everything up when
I got home. I started playing around with it and all of a sudden the screen turned blue and the the phone rebooted. I thought maybe this was just a one-off issue
and thought nothing of it. but the issue kept happening,” writes ‘bigjnyc’ on MacRumours user forum.    
 According to Apple Insider:

“One apparent workaround for the iPhone BSoD is to disable
iCloud syncing for iWork apps. Other users suggest exiting from an iWork app to
the iOS home screen before attempting to switch to another app.” 

Apple has yet to confirm the presence of the bug.
This isn’t the only complaint iOS7 users have had since upgrading, there’s been reported issues with iMessages failing to send, among several other complaints, which Apple have promised to fix with an upcoming software update.    
More than 200 million iOS devices are running the iOS7, Apple said in