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Jobs Invited To Keynote At CES

Jobs Invited To Keynote At CES

The Wall Street Journal has claimed that Apple will make a rare appearance at next year’s CES Show in Las Vegas after pulling out of the Macworld Show.

It has also been revealed that CES boss Gary Shapiro has invited Steve Jobs to keynote at the event.

In a statement issued by the Consumer Electronics Association Shapiro said” Apple is a valued member of the Consumer Electronics Association.  W we have invited Steve Jobs to keynote, should he accept our invitation, he would join an outstanding keynote line up that includes Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Paul Otellini of Intel”.

At a dinner with journalists this week in San Francisco, CEA’s Shapiro was asked whether he’s invited Jobs, who recently returned from medical leave, to keynote the show. Yes, Jobs has been asked, but nobody from Apple has gotten back to him, Shapiro said.

The Wall Street Journal wrote, his isn’t the first time he’s (Shapiro) contacted Jobs and not gotten a response, he said.

Despite Apple’s star power, Shapiro has modest goals for next show’s attendance, that being matching last year’s. Attendance at CES ’09 fell around 20%, as recession-weary companies slashed marketing and travel budgets. CES attendance, in some circles, is an unofficial but prescient forecast of consumer spending.