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SpeakerCraft Choose Oz Fancy Pants For New IP Automation System

SpeakerCraft Choose Oz Fancy Pants For New IP Automation System

An Australian development Company FST FancyPants, has won a major contract to supply the central software platform for a new SpeakerCraft AV home automation system called Nirv. The system runs over a Cat 5 network.

SpeakerCraft said that they have chosen Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST) a Sydney based Company to develop the new GUI interface for their automation system that comes with a “modular architecture instead of a central hub design.

All media, data, control, and communication signals are distributed through a single CAT5 cable making system wiring easy claims SpeakerCraft.

 Nirv  integrates theatre surround sound, home automation, and intercom into one package.  The new system will be revealed at CEDIA in the USA however it won’t be available until 2010.

According to SpeakerCraft the Australian developed software platform provides next-generation graphical UI technology for OEMs and ODMs of consumer and other electronics.

SpeakerCraft said that the use of the that FancyPants software will allow them to deliver a dramatically enhanced user experience and allow them to integrate multimedia content and dynamic visual effects into a high performance device user interface.

 SpeakerCraft CEO Jeremy Burkhardt said. “The unique capabilities of FancyPants, combined with its incredible performance, make it a perfect solution for SpeakerCraft home media products. It is extremely exciting to see SpeakerCraft use FancyPants technology to create multimedia systems that really wow consumers,” commented Robi Karp, FST CEO. “Our goal at FST is help customers succeed in the global marketplace by delivering innovative, high-performance and profitable products.”

” SpeakerCraft said that the new design  means that a dealer will only need to buy the pieces necessary for the specific system he has designed and upgrading or expanding is as simple as adding what is needed to the network. And, SpeakerCraft claims that their on-screen system programming module is so easy and intuitive it can be accomplished on-site by virtually anyone on the installation project team.