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Avoid $298 Mobile Fines With These Bluetooths + Cradles

TomTom Hands Free Car Kit

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TomTom is offering the kit in two versions: one specifically for iPhones, and another that caters to microUSB devices, such as Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

The hands free car kit features an advanced noise and echo cancellation system, and also offers the option of adding an extendable microphone to the sun visor.

Belkin iPhone/iPod Mount ($39.98 from Dick Smith Electronics)

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This mount from Belkin has been designed for use with Apple’s iPhone and Apple’s iPad, but Belkin claim it’s an “adjustable universal cradle [that] fits most mobile devices.” Its arm can be rotated to accommodate portrait and landscape view.

Kensington SoundWave Amplifying Car Mount ($39.99)

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Kensington’s SoundWave is a sturdy iPhone solution that accommodates your existing phone charger. It’ll also amplify your iPhone’s speakerphone without influencing its battery life, and comes with two mounting solutions.

Uniden Bluetooth Car Kit BTSC 1500 ($79.95)

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This Bluetooth car kit from Uniden uses text-to-speech technology to announce incoming call, is compatible with voice dialling and will answer incoming calls automatically. Incoming numbers are also displayed on a blue OLED display.

A Full Duplex 1 Watt speaker articulates conversations, while the latest I noise and echo cancellation technology ensures clear sound production. The 1500 uses Bluetooth 2.1 and works with iPhones, Android smartphones, Blackberrys and other Bluetooth-enabled mobiles.

Jabra Cruiser 2 

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Jarba’s second gen cruiser uses dual microphone technology to ensure your voice is clearly picked up and distinguished from background noise. It can pair to two bluetooth devices simultaneously, uses stereo bluetooth for music playback and hosts a slew of sophisticated technology which has been kept simple. The long lasting battery can handle up to 14 hours of consecutive talk time and 480 hours on standby before needed a charge.

Plantronics M25 + M55 ($49 and $69 respectively)

Plantronics’ M25 and M55 Bluetooth headsets put to work DeepSleep technology in order to hold battery life for an impressive 5 months. DeepSleep technology is activated when the paired phone has been out of the headset’s range for 90 minutes, and can be reactivated by simply pressing the call button.