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Kogan Flog $120 ‘Droid Tabs

Kogan Flog $120 ‘Droid Tabs
Kogan Flog $120
Yes folks, Kogan is now flogging a Mini 8″ Agora Dual Core Tablet for a cute price of $119, announced today.

The Agora Mini has the usual bells and whistles -1024 x 768 touchscreen, Wi-Fi, dual core 1.6GHz processor, 8GB internal memory, Bluetooth, 0.3MP camera and Micro SD slot.

The 16GB version is $129 and there is a larger 9.7″ Agora model for a bit more at $179. It features HDMI output to hook up to a TV or other device, faster USB 2.0,  2MP rear camera and a better 10-point capacitive touch IPS TFT LCD screen than its 8″ little brother.

However, delivery for online orders will cost you another $20. 

“People told us they thought the design was great, loved the price, but that they could’ve been just that bit snappier,” declared Ruslan Kogan, CEO Kogan.

“We’ve been able to keep a slim, lightweight, design and retail all the features people want in tablets.”

However, these tabs maybe should come with a health warning.

Of the previous 10″ Agora tablet running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, here what one reviewer had to say:

“I think you’d be better off saving your money and putting it towards a tablet with better specs, better stability and a bigger brand name behind it.”