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Judge Rules In Amber Harrison, Seven Media Case Bankruptcy Looms

Tweeting and vengeful emails could see former Seven Media secretary Amber Harrison bankrupt within days after a Judge sitting in the High Court in Melbourne, ruled that she had to pay all Seven Media’s legal Costs.

Harrison, the former lover of Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner, did not appear in Court. The ruling could result in Seven Media seeking over $1M in costs.

Seven CEO Tim Worner

The former secretary to Nick Chan who last month was dumped by Bauer Media after switching from the Seven Media owned Pacific Magazines went to war with the broadcaster after accepting a $400,000 payment to keep her mouth shut over the affair.

Harrison went on to mount what has been labelled a spiteful “vindictive” campaign.

The former Seven employee told Justice John Sackar last week that such an order — which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars — would be “punitive and pointless” and would drive her into bankruptcy.

Amber Harrison

The media company had sought a NSW Supreme Court permanent gag order against Ms Harrison preventing her from leaking company documents and details of her affair.

It contended that her social media posts had breached a confidentiality agreement in which the company agreed to pay her $427,418 in instalments for her silence.

On Monday, Justice Sackar found she acted “unreasonably” and ordered her to pay all the company’s legal costs.

“The defendant (Harrison) has not satisfied me of any grounds for why she should not pay the costs,” The Daily Telegraph reported Justice Sackar said.

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