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JBL Caught Up In Headphone Fight

Catch, cheap, Click Frenzy bargains, really how about the Aldi specials, that appear to clean up all the questionable marketing sruiked by retailers, who like to put it about that they are discount trader of consumer electronics when the product they are selling are actually more expensive than what other retailers such as Aldi are selling the same product for.

Take the JBL Live 650BTNC headphones, Catch is spruiking them as a bargain at $129 this is despite Aldi flogging the same headphones for $79 in their latest catalogue.
These headphones at JBL Direct are $279 while Bing Lee is flogging them for $149.

As for the Iconic online store where goods are never cheap the price of the Aldi $79-dollar JBL headphones is $199.

On Amazon a white pair of these award winning JBL headphones is selling for $121 which is still cis selling for

The big question now is how much margin is there actually in quality headphones.


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