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JAVA Hi-Fi To Launch World’s First LDR GaN FET Integrated Amp

New Zealand audio company JAVA Hi-Fi are gearing up to launch their new flagship products: the JAVA V2.0 LDR pre-amplifier and JAVA Integrated amplifier. Set to hit the market in July and August 2019 from US$2,995.

Both products are set to make their debut at the High End Munich 2019 show in May 2019.

The JAVA V2.0 LDR pre-amplifier is the next-gen version of the company’s original JAVA LDR pre-amp, launched via Kickstarter and released in 2017.

Leaning into the coffee origins of their names, the JAVA Hi-Fi range is available in ‘Single Shot’ or ‘Double Shot’ strengths.

JAVA’s V2.0 pre-amp utilises Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) technology to isolate the signal path for greater audio fidelity.

In a world first, the LDR pre-amp is combined with Gallium Nitrade GaN FET Class D audio power modules to deliver improved audio quality.

The amplifiers will be available in a variety of input/output configurations, various wood finishes and fascia colours, providing up to 50 customisable combinations.

All JAVA models’ outer casework is made from laminated birch plywood and overlaid with real wood veneers.

These latest additions to the JAVA Hi-Fi range are set to ship in July (V2.0 LDR pre-amp US$2,995) and August (JAVA integrated amp US$7,995) 2019.

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