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Hotel Web Sites Leaking Data

Cybersecurity giant Symantec has found that two out of three hotel Web sites round the globe inadvertently – or perhaps otherwise – leak guests’ booking details and personal data to third-party sites.

Symantec looked at more than 1500 hotel Web sites in 54 countries that ranged from two-star to five-star properties.

The report comes several months after Marriott International disclosed one of the worst data breaches in history. Compromised personal information included names, e-mail addresses, credit card details and passport numbers of guests.

The data was leaked to advertisers and analytics companies and could be used by cybercriminals.

The research showed compromises usually occur when a hotel site sends confirmation e-mails with a link that has direct booking information.

The reference code attached to the link could be shared with more than 30 different service providers.

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