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Jabra Future-Proofs Hybrid Working With Panoramic Webcams

As people return to the office from their work-from-home setups – albeit partially – there’s a working arrangement that looks like it’s set to stay. It’s the hybrid workplace.

Some days, all staff are in the office, some days only a few. Some days, everyone is doing WFH. That’s how it is now, and we’d all better get with the hardware program.

To cater for all meeting situations, no matter how many or few members of staff are physically around, the average webcam doesn’t quite cut it. It’s really intended for an individual person’s use – not a room full of staff talking to their remotely working colleagues.

Jabra has released new editions of it PanaCast webcam, a product that’s built for this multi-person situation, featuring a panoramic lens that fits everyone into the picture.

With the distance required for encompassing everyone in the room, many webcams lose a lot of detail. For that reason, these Jabra cameras are equipped with high-definition video and audio processors to keep things smooth and clear from further away.

The Jabra PanaCast camera is coined by the brand as being “the world’s first intelligent 180° panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution.” There are two new varieties of the product – the PanaCast 50, which is a video bar, and the PanaCast 20, a personal camera.

PanaCast 50

This one acts like the ‘director’ of the meeting because it can adjust its video stream according to the actions in the room. It’s got not one but three cameras – at 13-megapixels each – arranged to capture a 180° picture in panoramic 4K.

Its field of view takes in in the entire room, so that means everyone will be in full view without having to bunch together and sit on top of each other.

This camera has nine Edge processors, among which are two state-of-the art Edge AI processors. Al of this enables the intelligent video bar to carry out real-time integration of audio, video and data.

For accurate sound, eight beamforming microphones with precision voice detection are backed up with intelligent algorithms that remove disruptive noise.

It can deliver two video streams at the same time – handy for when you need to remain visible on-screen but also present things, such as a whiteboard, in real time.

PanaCast 20

This one features AI that is managed on-device with Edge processing – and advanced experiences are generated directly on the device without extra data being sent to the cloud for processing, or the need to install additional software. For those using the camera, it has a built-in lens cover for added privacy, and peace of mind that the camera will not accidentally be left on.

This camera delivers 4K Ultra HD Video, HDR video as well as Intelligent Zoom, which homes in on the people present and frames the main user properly, regardless of their surroundings. It also features automatic lighting correction.

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