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‘iPod Toothbrush’: Philips USB Brush Plugs Into PC

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Image: Philips toothbrush charged via laptop.

The ultimate travel accessory, the USB connected DiamondClean Sonic toothbrush runs off a 2.0 W Lithium-polymer battery and comes in a handy USB charging case that hooks up to a laptop or wall socket.

Its makers are calling it the “iPod of toothbrushes”. 

Philips DiamondClean HX 9332 comes with Sonicare’s best cleaning technology: “Up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute, removes up to 100% more plaque” and promises to “improve gum health in 2 weeks”. 

It also whitens teeth, has five cleaning modes and a 2 minute timer – the recommended cleaning time by dentists – with a Quadpacer 30-second interval timer that encourages even brushing. 

DiamondClean boasts lasting  time of 42 2-minute brushings or 3 weeks and has a snap head brush for easy removal. 

However, high tech teeth doesn’t come cheap and retails for about £250 in the UK, around AU$400. 

Either do the snap head brushes – retailing at £17 for a three pack – almost $30. 

However, the device is sold on Amazon for around US$219 plus shipping. 

But if clean teeth are your thing, it doesn’t come much better than this and comes with a two year warranty, to boot.