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It May Be Winter, But OZ Solar Energy Grabs 30% Of Market

Australia’s booming solar energy market helped to push renewables past a 30% share of grid power generation on most days in June, despite it being the first month of winter, according to a Green Energy Markets report – and on one day the renewables market hit 44%.

And the renewables advance may be even more marked, according to the report’s author, Tristan Edis, who says the averaged figure disguises the extent of renewable energy’s emerging dominance over daytime hours, thanks mainly to an installed solar capacity that has doubled since 2017.

On one day in June, wind was estimated to be providing 12.3% of supply in the National Electricity Market, while the combination of rooftop solar and utility-scale solar was providing 22.5%.

This saw the total market share of renewables hovering between 43% and 44%, well ahead of the black coal total and nearly three times the output of brown coal.

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