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Is JB Hi-Fi Set To Flog Mercedes-Benz Products?

Mercedes-Benz has diversified into eScooters with the release of its first-ever battery-powered foldable scooter.

And with JB Hi-Fi already selling a range of eScooters by brands such as Segway and Razor, could the Aussie retailer now start peddling Mercedes-Benz products on the shop floor?

The eScooter, which Mercedes-Benz launched in collaboration with Swiss micro mobility specialists Micro Mobility Systems AG, is powered by a 500W motor and can reach speeds up to 20kmph, while its 7.8 Ah battery gives it a range of 25km.

In a press release, Mercedes-Benz says it designed the eScooter with the vision it would be used for the ‘last few miles of your journey’ as it can quickly and safely cover ground a car cannot.

At a light 13.5kg, the sleek eScooter also features a retractable steering column that can be adjusted to the rider’s height, and an ergonomically shaped handlebar with an accelerator on the right side and brake on the left.

Mercedes-Benz also claims the eScooter is emission-free and was designed with longevity in mind, claiming the machine can travel up to 5,000 km before showing any signs of wear and tear.

The automaker is yet to reveal a price or release date for the eScooter, however the most expensive model on JB Hi-Fi’s site sits around $1149.

But it can be expected with the Mercedes-Benz luxury image their branded eScooter may be a much higher price point.

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