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Is Foxtel Setting Up Their Glass TV Offering To Stream 4K HDR Next Year ?

Foxtel is set to launch their Glass TV’s next year, and as 2022 Formula One season gets under way in Bahrain the big question is whether owners will get AFL, NRL and Formula One in high dynamic range (HDR) video which is being rolled out this week in the UK.

This weekend both Foxtel and Sky TV in the UK, will put to air the first Formula races of the season, with Sky in the UK who already have their Glass TV in market tipped to make a big leap to a new level of 4K streaming with the roll out of 4K HDR high grade streaming.

Like Foxtel, Sky has delivered F1 races in 4K Ultra HD for some time, but it now looks as if it’s set to make good on promises it made in the latter stages of 2021 that it would add HDR to its 4K coverage for the 2022 season.

If this happens subscribers will get a significantly enhanced stream of content because of the use of high dynamic range (HDR) video.

While it’s not been officially announced menus of Sky’s electronic programme guide reveal HDR streaming is very close with the first race of the Formula One season tipped as the first live broadcast using the technology.

John Archer who has reviewed TV’s for SmartHouse claims that if SKY customers call up the main menu, scroll down to the Sport tab, they will see “F1 In Ultra HDR”.

There is also a message that says “Introducing Ultra HDR” video.

The introduction of premium 4K HDR to the Glass TVs in Australia next year would be a major step in positioning them as a tad different and worth the investment over a normal 4K Foxtel box which when watching AFL and NRL on Foxtel today is a quantum leap in quality over the Nine networks, coverage on free to air TV which is only a HD transmission.

So what is Glass TV.

Primarily, it’s a TV platform that’s delivered entirely over the internet and therefore free of a satellite dish or cable.

But it’s also, for the time a TV, that will have all the Foxtel services built in that voids the need for a Foxtel iQ box.

You wont need a soundbar either, as a Dolby Atmos speaker system is also integrated into the TV’s chassis.

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