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Is Apple in trouble? 49% of Americans Think Galaxy S20 Will Outperform iPhone

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S20 and Z Flip have quickly become the topic of discussion because of their innovative features and specifications.

The S20 Ultra, for example, comes with an impressive 100x zoom on its rear camera lens and films in 8K. Meanwhile, the Z Flip is the first flip phone to offer split screen operations and an automatic selfie mode.

What, then, does this mean for Apple? The iPhone maker has been struggling with low sales of iPhones in recent years and the coronavirus outbreak isn’t helping the situation by putting a delay on production and supply.

(Imaginechina via AP Images)

Are American’s impressed with Samsung’s latest innovations and how will it impact Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 flagship range launch?

Piplsay, a consumer research firm, polled 41,523 Americans to understand the competitive smartphone market from a consumer perspective.

The polls revealed that 33 per cent of Americans think the S20 series will pose a threat to the upcoming iPhone 12, with 46 per cent of Americans being interested in buying the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones – mostly Galaxy S20 range.

(Photo: Piplsay)

But there were also negatives for Samsung, with almost half (49 per cent) of respondents being unsure if the Z Flip would perform well and 39 per cent not being impressed by the Galaxy S20’s biggest batteries.

The survey by Piplsay was powered by Market Cube and was conducted nationwide across the USm involving individuals aged 18 years and older.

Piplsay’s full report can be read here.

(Photo: Piplsay)


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