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Hasbro Nerfs Upcoming Halo Game 

Hasbro and Xbox have partnered to bring a trio of Halo-themed Nerf guns to toy retailers later this year. 

The range will coincide with the video game launch of Halo: Infinite on Xbox One in and around October, while the game is also expected to be available on Microsoft’s next Xbox console due before the end of the year.  

Foremost among the three Halo Nerf guns is the replica of Halo’s iconic assault rifle, the MA40, pictured above. The Nerf Halo MA40 is a motorised, semi-automatic blaster with a 10-dart clip and comes with 10 Elite darts. 

The MA40 is supported by two additions to the Nerf Microshot range: the single-shot SPNKr, based on the Halo rocket launcher, and the Needler, based on the much-loved Covenant weapon from the series. 

The Nerf Halo SPNKr Microshot.

“Nerf and Halo are both heritage brands that kids have grown up with and loved for decades, and we’ve found a strong overlap within our consumers,” said Adam Kleinman, Vice President of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing, Hasbro. 

“We are constantly looking into ways to bring more innovation and excitement to the Nerf brand, and saw an incredible opportunity to collaborate with 343 Industries as they reinvent Halo for the next generation.” 

The Nerf Halo Needler Microshot.

“Halo consumer products licensees and categories have expanded significantly since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians in 2015,” said John Friend, Head of Consumer Products at 343 Industries, developer of Halo: Infinite and the Halo franchise. 

“Halo has grown to become one of the leading sci-fi transmedia and entertainment franchises through the release of our many books, comics, apparel, and so much more. Hasbro is the perfect partner to bring the heroism of the Master Chief to fans of all ages and expand the Halo Universe to a new generation.”

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