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NBN ‘Stutter Vision’ Embarrasses Communications Minister


Conroy blamed Optus; Optus said it was not their fault. 

After bragging that the NBN will connect 93 per cent of the nation’s premises directly to optical fibre cable at speeds of up to 100 megabits Conroy refused to talk about the problems plaguing the NBN roll out or why some homes in Australia still don’t have a connection despite Conroy’s promises.

Now it emerges that not only are consumers failing to connect to the network that Labor MPs claim is essential, but NSW schools are not connecting to the $36 Billion network.

The NSW Education Minister claims that the NBN offers “no identified benefits” to the state’s 1.2 million students and teachers. The NSW education department who is locked into an existing long-term contract until 2015 said it already has a powerful fibre optic network with child protection filters while the NBN only offers basic internet access.

At yesterday’s Blacktown event no one was prepared to say how many homes and businesses in Australia where the network has been rolled out have paid to get the network switched on. The Opposition spokesman Malcolm Turnbull claims “very few”. 

Australia’s most famous children’s authors, Andy Griffiths, was left embarrassed when a story he was telling children dropped out midway through his presentation. ”There was obviously a technical glitch there,” Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said. ”Technical glitches happen. You’ll have to ask Optus but they were able to restore it.”