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iPhone 12 Range Leaked: What To Expect

Apple’s iPhone 12 has been leaked online multiple times, revealing both design and features that are said to be the most exciting upgrades in years.

Perhaps the biggest news for the iPhone 12 is Apple’s move to integrate a long-range 3D camera into the device, which has been leaked by multiple credible sources.

If the speculation is true, it will enable the iPhone 12 to actively map its environment up to around 15-feet and will be laser-based, unlike the 25 to 50 centimetre range of the dot projector-based 3D mapping system that is used in Face ID on the front camera in current iPhone models.

While a 3D camera will help photographs with things like Portrait mode – where depth measurement is a major factor – the greatest possibility is Augmented Reality (AR).

It is expected that Apple may make a big announcement of the integration of AR at the iPhone 12 launch.

As for design – one area where Apple may disappoint – it’s expected the iPhone 12 won’t adopt a new aesthetic. Instead, it’s likely the new model will look similar to previous models apart from a few minor camera tweaks.

There is still time for Apple to make design changes but the changes Apple is currently geared towards are internal.

But while it may look the same, the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max range is said to be adjusting the sizes of the screen with both bigger and smaller panels.

The size range is said to be 6.1-inches for the iPhone 12 (same as iPhone 11), 5.4-inch for iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7-inch for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which are slightly bigger sizes than currently offered.

In addition, Apple is expected to introduce new 120Hz ProMotion displays and is stepping up to a 90/120Hz panel is necessary to keep up with rivals – many of which made the move in 2019.

Japanese site MyDrivers is also reporting Apple will source up to 45M OLED panels from China’s BOE in a bid to reduce their dependence on Samsung.

As for biometrics – Face ID is not anticipated to change in the iPhone 12 range outside of slight performance tweaks. But the return of Touch ID integrated into the display is a major event which has been subject to multiple leaks.

While facial recognition and finger print sensors come with pros and cons – the value of its return is when used in conjunction with Face ID for high-level security.

There is also a lot of speculation that the Lightning port will be replaced by USB-C, which contradicts speculation surrounding Apple’s intention to make iPhone’s port-less and wireless charging in the next few years.

More certain, however, is the arrival of 5G. Apple is set to introduce 5G across the entire iPhone 12 range, aligning itself with the same networking features as other smartphone competitors.

Official prices for the iPhone 12 range is yet to be reported on or leaked but reports from highly-respected Apple insiders, Ming-Chi Kuo, suggest there will be no significant price spike for the 5G capabilities.

There is also no official release date for the iPhone 12 range but Apple has a long history of releases new products around September.

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