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iPad Pro Buyers Stung For New Apple Pencil

Buyers of Apple’s new iPad Pro are set to be stung an extra couple of dollars to upgrade, after discovering the tablet does not support old Apple Pencils.

Tech lovers have realised new iPads are not compatible with old styluses [and vice versa], incurring an extra cost, extra baggage and faster obsolescence for owners of the current Apple Pencil.

Whilst the news is not a surprise to most, it does add to the cost of upgrading. Consumers are already paying more for a new iPad Pro, with the expense inching higher for a new Apple Pencil too.

The inconvenience stems from the new Apple Pencil’s ability to wirelessly charge from the iPad Pro.

For older iPads, the Apple Pencil was charged via plugging into the Lightning port – an outlet Apple has ditched on the new iPad Pro, in favour of USB-C.

The new Apple Pencil triggers pairing with the iPad Pro once connected to the tablet, adhered via magnets.

The next-gen Apple Pencil also supports a new double tap gesture, enabling better switching between apps.

Whilst some consumers have taken to social media to express their discontentment, others claims it’s simply ‘the Apple way.’

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