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iOS 15.2 Tracks If iPhones Have Official Parts Or Not

Apple may have seemingly rolled over in its stance on using third-party repairs for its iPhones, but a new update is making it clear that only official parts will be truly tolerated.

According to a new Apple support page, the new iOS 15.2 due out next week, will have a feature called: “iPhone parts and service history.”

This is designed to keep track of all an iPhones components and “sent alerts” if third party parts are used in a repair.

“Genuine Apple Part”  is written next to each official component, with “Unknown part” and a caution icon next to third-party replacements.

While it may seem to be to in service of phone owners, who may be shafted by unsupported repairs, it also gives Apple an effective metre on whether real parts are used in repairs, and could even see them disable key features under the guise of ‘security’, much as they did when the iPhone 13 disabled Face ID if ‘Apple Services Toolkit 2′ wasn’t used for repairs.

Remember: “Apple collects and stores information regarding components and repair history as part of the device information maintained for your iPhone,” the company explains.

“This data is utilised to determine servicing requirements, conduct safety analyses, and improve future goods.”

It will also wipe out the entire secondary parts market and third-party repairs.

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