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Interdyn Snares IsoTek Distribution In Oz

Melbourne-based, Interdyn, has expanded its relationship with award-winning power conditioner manufacturer, IsoTek, snaring both Australian and New Zealand distribution, effective June 18th.

Having represented IsoTek in the New Zealand market from 2016, Interdyn affirms it’s excited to offer component access to local customers.

IsoTek’s portfolio of power conditioning products aim to be an integral part of Hi-Fi systems, and are said to be a natural fit with Interdyn’s range of audiophile-quality products.

The company’s range of mains conditioners clean wall socket power, for enhanced Hi-Fi or audio visual performance. IsoTek devices are reportedly used by over 100,000 customers across 45 countries.

With a “21st century approach” to audio distribution, Interdyn affirms IsoTek’s power conditioning technology is a perfect fit, with both companies ready to build its local customer base.

IsoTek Managing Director, Keith Martin, asserts it’s practical business sense to have both Australia and New Zealand managed by one distributor.

Melbourne-based, Interdyn, boasts over fifty years experience in the audio-visual industry, and distributes several premium home theatre entertainment brands including;  Pro-Ject Audio, Devialet, Roon, Rotel, PMC, Ortofon, BenQ and OPPO Digital.

Further information is available on Interdyn’s website here.