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REVIEW: Forget About The Latest Smartphone Or TV, The Hot New Gadget is A Craft Keyboard From Logitech.

As we swim in a world of smartphones, artificial intelligence, robotics and the latest smartphones or 4K TV’s there’s one technology that is used by more people than most…he simple keyboard.

Recently I was given a new Craft keyboard from Logi, Logitech is now called, and I instantly fell in love.

Not because of the standout new button feature but because of the simple but effective functionality that this device delivers.

And if you are a keyboard pounder like me and you live on a keyboard all day long you can quickly identify whether a keyboard really stacks up.

The keyboard has a nice weight to it with very sticky rubber feet, so it won’t move around your desk.

Then there’s that button, this is a tactile addition to a keyboard and it’s unique.

Firstly, it’s oversized and located in the top left-hand corner which for me is ideal as I am left handed and I can simply reach the button to turn up the volume or scroll through a spreadsheet.

Logitech calls it the “creative input dial,”.

The dial is like an articulated wheel with each stop forward a distinct, separate movement for example volume goes up or down in percentages. You can scroll through Chrome tabs or index tabs easily.

On the software side, Logitech has integrations for InDesign; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; as well as Quicktime, Safari, Google Chrome, and Spotify. There is also software to manage, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and video editing software Premiere.

Creative professionals can create a physical interface to adjust things like fonts or scroll through an image library easily — as for casual users you can flip between apps or change the volume in Spotify.

Another big standout for me is the three easy switch buttons that enable me to isolate one of the buttons and connect it via Bluetooth to my smartphone allowing me to toggle between PC and smartphone in seconds.

The keys are also backlit, and the light will turn on automatically when your hands approach the keyboard and off again when you remove them. Given that the Craft is wireless Logitech are suggesting that you will get a week’s battery life out of the Craft.

The keyboard also connects over Bluetooth Low Energy or via Logitech’s Unifying receiver. There are no batteries to replace; instead, simply plug the keyboard in via USB Type C (a cable is included) and you can continue to work while it charges.

If you are a heavy keyboard user or a creative professional this is your treat, and well worth every cent of the $299 you will have to fork out.

Logitech who are the keyboard and mouse masters have streamlined this device the simple design delivers a simple approach to heavy duty everyday functions. You get added control and flexibility and for me this means a lot as I work on a keyboard several hours a day across multiple applications from Fireworks and In Design to Photoshop and PowerPoint.

Apart from being a great keyboard all around it’s that bloody smart button that makes all the difference especially when using Microsoft Office 365 tools all day long.



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