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Intel Unveils New Super-Chip

Intel has unveiled its fourth-generation high-end Xeon processor, the E7-8800/4800 version 4 (E7v4). It says version 4 is aimed at solving real-time analytics problems for businesses, via a maxed-out feature set, seriously fast processing and enlarged memory space compared to all other Intel processors.

Compared with the 22nm E7v3 Haswell microarchitecture, the new 14nm Broadwell microarchitecture offers “scalable performance that can answer up to twice as many queries per hour,” Frank Jensen, datacentre performance marketing manager told specialist Web site EEtimes.

Intel is aiming the Xeon E7v4 at the highest-end applications in the industry: for instance, business servers that need the minimum real-time latency for mission critical applications, such as real-time analytics on transactional data sets. Later Intel sees it having a major role in handling emerging gigantic data mash-ups from the Internet of Things, real-time analytics and deep learning algorithms.


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