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Intel Shares Up Apple’s Down After Attack With New Processor

Despite a wham-bam launch of new products overnight, Apple stock has fallen with analysts questioning the Company’s strategy and new processor roll out.

The overnight presentation included a new Apple processor named M1 Ultra that the company called the most powerful personal-computer chip ever.

The product is part of Apple’s plan to try and take down and shift processor sales away from Intel, in favour of its own components.

The market read this by taking Intel’s stock up and Apple’s down.

Credit: TechCrunch


Apple is currently pushing to seize greater share of the PC market, following its split from Intel two years ago, but the big problem is that most people don’t want to lock themselves into an expensive Apple machine, running a proprietary OS that Apple then uses to generate premium revenue from.

At today’s event, Apple introduced 5G versions of its low-end iPhone SE and iPad Air tablet, as well as a redesigned Mac desktop computer and their M1 processor.

The event called “Peek performance”, also saw the launch of the Mac Studio, which features the M1 Ultra chip and is aimed at app developers, photo editors and video creators, a market that Apple has dominated for decades.

Credit: Apple

Apple also unveiled a separate 27-inch monitor that is far cheaper than the current model, with new prices starting at $2,499 AUD. Customers also have the option of nano-texture glass for an extra $500.

Credit: Apple

There were few major surprises at the event, and the shares slipped less than 1% to US $158 after the conclusion of their ‘peak performance event’. Apple shares have fallen 10% already this year.

The event was the first of what’s expected to be several product launches this year, with Apple also readying additional Macs and iPads, as well as the iPhone 14 and new smartwatches.

The new iPhone SE that Apple revealed was the first update to the SE line since 2020.

The model, which will continue to come in black, white and red, will have a slightly higher price starting at $719 AUD.

However, it has 5G network support, a faster A15 processor and other more advanced features.

Credit: Apple

Also revealed was a new iPad Air which features the M1 chip, an ultrawide front camera and can access 5G networks.

Apple doesn’t break out sales of individual iPhone models, but the smartphone represents its biggest money-maker overall, bringing in over half of its revenue in the last fiscal year, equating to about $192 billion.


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