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Intel Security Flaw Could Happen Again

After news broke over Intel’s computer chips having a major security flaw, software company Arm Holdings CEO Simon Segars says it is probably not the last time we see an issue similar to what has occurred over the past weeks.

Segars spoke to CNET saying, “The reality is there are probably other things out there like it that have been deemed safe for years. Somebody whose mind is sufficiently warped toward thinking about security threats may find other ways to exploit systems which had otherwise been considered completely safe.”

This Intel security flaw means hackers could gain access to secure information such as passwords and even make governments vulnerable to attack as many use older computers and software.

Intel has since released updates for its computer chips but according to documents some updates have their own flaws making PCs reboot once the software has been updated.

The company is also facing three class action lawsuits in the US states of California, Indiana and Oregon.

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