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Intel Building World’s-Largest Chip Plant In America

Intel announced over the weekend its plans to pump A$140 billion into building what it expects to be the world’s largest chip-making factory in Ohio, neatly tying together President Biden’s focus on building America’s onshore components production, and Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s plans to restore Intel’s reputation as the leading chipmaker.

Gelsinger told Rueters the plan is to build eight fabrication plants, with the A$140 billion investment the largest on record for the state of Ohio.

Gelsinger said it could become “the largest semiconductor manufacturing location on the planet.”

Congress is currently dragging its feet on US$52 billion in funding that is intended to jump start US chip manufacturing.

Rather than sit around and wait, Intel will begin investing.

“We’re still going to start the Ohio site,” Gelsinger pledges.” It’s just not going to happen as fast [without government funding] and it’s not going to grow as big as quickly.”

However, Intel won’t be able to revive the industry alone, says Gelsinger.

“We still have years in front of us before we’re even having a semblance of supply demand balance.

“Ask yourself what portion of your life is not becoming more digital.”

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