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Electrolux Announce New Appliance Range

Electrolux has unveiled a trio of new cooking appliances at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this week – the Electrolux Double Wall Oven and the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator.

Both products on display at the show is intended to ‘inspire culinary creativity’ and enable owners to produce Michelin hat style dishes.

The flagship Double Wall Oven and French Door Refrigerator have both been equipped with the latest features and technology, set to keep your food fresher for longer and to enhance their natural flavours.

The global home appliance leader has also integrated the new Electrolux Connect Technology into the Double Wall Oven to further advance cooking and entertainment quality, using remote control connectivity.

The Electrolux French Door Refrigerator (ERMC2295AS)

The Electrolux App enables owners to preheat the oven, monitor temperatures and cook times as well as keep food warm until it’s ready to be served.

Designed to reinvigorate homeowners’ love for cooking, the Electrolux Double Wall Oven uses professional grade cooking techniques.

It features an Air Sous Vide – which, through a combination of precisely controlled airflow and heart, enables meat and vegetables to be consistently cooked at 100 to 205 degree temperatures without water.

It also has a steam cooking function, which is used to achieve a crisp, golden crust on breads, pastries or dumplings while also maintaining flavour.

The Electrolux Double Wall Oven with Electrolux Connect Technology (EXWD3011AS)

Finally, the oven also has a Built-in Air Frying, a cooking technique becoming increasingly popular in households. This feature enables convenient and space saving cooking, creating crispy foods without the additional fat and oil.

The Electrolux French Door Refrigerator has also integrated impressive, professional-style features. It’s been designed to keep produce fresher for longer to avoid wastage – a serious global issue.

With flexible freezer space and adjustable shelves, owners can tailor their fridge to fit the week’s groceries or large platters.

Other features include the TemAdaptTM Drawer, an adjustable fridge temperature to suit the content of each fridge section. Cheeses, wines and vegetables can now all be stocked in the same fridge but receive different temperatures, ranging from -6 to 45 degrees.

The TasteLockTM Crispers with Auto-Humidity Control are drawers that will keep produce fresh in their most ideal environment by ousting excessive moisture and dry air.

So that consumers can keep a close eye on their stock at the highest level of convenience, the ExtraAccessTM Door alongside the fridge’s auto-close feature will enable users to peek at 75 per cent of their food by just opening one door.

Finally, the LuxCoolTM Plus Cooling System keeps a consistent temperature throughout the fridge and freezer, at the choice of the owner, to keep foods market fresh.

Both products from Electrolux will be available for purchase in late 2020.

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