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In-App Revenues Swell

SAN FRANCISCO: Consumer spending within mobile apps surged in Q3, according to app analytics outfit Sensor Tower. App revenues hit US$29.3 billion in the period, up 32 percent year-on-year.

Roughly two-thirds of all in-app economic activity came from Apple’s App Store, with the remaining third belonging to the Google Play Store.

The latest report shows spending on Google Play apps growing at a faster pace – 33.8 percent, compared to iOS with 31 percent respectively.

Sensor Tower said nearly two-thirds of the spending came from mobile gaming, which was up 26.7 percent year-on-year.

Apple App Store saw gaming revenues rise 24 percent from $10 billion in Q3 2019 to $12.4 billion. Google Play revenues grew faster, surging 30.8 percent to $8.6 billion.

The number of mobile game downloads on the App Store declined 4.2 percent, dropping from 2.4 billion to 2.3 billion, compared to Google Play, where users downloaded 10.9 billion games in Q3 2020, up 36.8 percent on year.

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