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IKEA And Sonos Light Up Your Musical Life

The Symfonisk collaboration between IKEA and Sonos keeps paying off, with the redesigned newest version of their table lamp speaker enhancing audio quality.

With an earlier first-gen lamp speaker already in the family next to a bookshelf speaker and a sound-emitting picture frame, the Symfonisk wireless audio tech throughout promises to deliver your tunes around the home while blending in seamlessly to your décor, rather than trying to blend in like a stranger at a bus stop as stand-alone speakers sometimes do.

Meanwhile, they have the sonic excellence Sonos have built a reputation on, with this latest speaker lamp engaging some of the aural shortcomings the original 2019 version brought to the table.

Excitingly, this new iteration works with a smart bulb if you like, so you can bring the light and colour choice with voice command.

The base and shade will also be sold separately so you can customise your look, but if we wanted a light to read by we could grab a candle. The Sonos audio is obviously the bingo here. As part of the Sonos system, you can easily connect to more than 100 streaming services, from Spotify to Apple Music, as well as radio stations from TuneIn, podcasts and tracks from your iTunes library.

“As people continue to invest in their spaces, they’re finding creative ways to showcase their personal style, and sound has quickly become an important element for creating the right atmosphere,” says Sara Morris, Principal Product Manager at Sonos.

“In addition to its smaller size and variety of design options, the new Symfonisk table lamp speaker provides a wider and more room-filling sound, creating a great listening experience regardless of where you place it in your home.”

The new Symfonisk is currently on sale in the UK at around $340 for the base and shade combined. We hope to see them in Australia soon, and our foyer not long after.

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