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IKEA And Sonos Master The Art Of Sound

The latest collab between IKEA and Sonos will leave you hanging, in a good way. The new release in their joint SYMFONISK brand is a WiFi speaker hidden in a picture frame.

This comes after they teamed up to stick a speaker in the base of a lamp (below), and it packs the sort of impressive aural punch you expect from Sonos, with the sound described as having “surprising depth”.

Unfortunately, while it stashes away the source of that sound, you’ll still have a power cord hanging down your wall, though at least it’s white so it will blend in with most indoor paintwork.

It’s also a bit heftier than a regular picture frame, but that’s to be expected when it’s packed with sonic tech.

There’s also the issue of it only housing a limited selection of art available from the Swedish firm, so it doesn’t seem you can place your own unique choice in there.

While it hasn’t landed in Australia yet, it’s only a matter of time before your guests are saying how great your art sounds.

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