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IFA 2019: Philips Wireless ANC Headphones Take On Sony, Bose

Dutch electronics brand Philips has shown off a number of new personal audio products at IFA 2019, taking on Bose and Sony with a cut-price rival to their wireless active noise cancelling headphones.

The Philips PH805 headphones use four microphones for advanced digital active noise cancellation hybrid technology, which are claimed to provide a -27 decibel noise reduction that can cancel out 95 per cent of background noise.

Controls are handled by a mixture of physical buttons and touch gestures on the memory foam padded ear cups, including switching quickly between noise cancellation and awareness modes.

Battery life is claimed at 30 hours, with fast charging providing a further two hours off a five minutes charge.

The headphones can also be used via cable once battery life is exhausted.

It’s not clear how much the headphones will cost when (and if) they go on sale in Australia, but European pricing suggests they’ll be cheaper than rival headphones like Sony’s WH1000-MX3 or Bose’s QC 35 II and 700 wireless noise cancelling headphones.

What Hi-Fi spotted a few other additions to the Philips audio line at IFA 2019, including the newly updated Fidelio X3 open back headphones, and a pair of self cleaning true wireless buds.

The design of the Fidelio headphones has been changed to feature cloth grills on the earcups rather than metal grilles seen on the X2.

The ST702 true wireless buds reportedly use UV technology to clean the earbuds when placed in their charging case.

The buds are claimed to get around 6 hours battery life, with two additional full charges in the supplied charging case.

Dutch-based TPVision recently added Philips branded audio products to its repertoire after several years of producing and marketing Philips branded televisions in a number of countries around the world (not including Australia).

Local pricing and release dates are still to be confirmed.

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