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IFA 2018: World’s First Thunderbolt 3 Curved Monitor From Samsung

Samsung is leading the charge for Thunderbolt 3 connectivity to monitors with a 34-inch QLED curved UHD monitor.

The CJ79 will be launched at IFA and is aimed at both creative and business audiences by delivering ample screen real estate supported by a high data rate and large power delivery capacity.

The two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the monitor each transmit display, data and power at 40 Gigabits per second while charging devices up to 85 watts.

Multi-tasking is enabled via Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture features, allowing for two sources to display side by side or for a 25 per cent scaled source to be shown within a full screen display of another source respectively.

At 3440 x 1440, the monitor has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a 1500R curvature, designed to be close to the curvature represented in the human eye for delivering rich detail and comfortable viewing.

Good picture quality in the CJ79 is realised through Quantum Dot technology, providing for detail across 125 per cent of the sRGB colour spectrum. Curved VA technology produces a 3000:1 contrast ratio to deliver deeper blacks and brighter whites.

The monitor is also AMD FreeSync enabled, synchronising the refresh rate to the graphics card of your computer to control image tearing and stuttering during game play or video playback.

Samsung will also be launching the CJ89 at IFA too. This model is  connected via USB 3 as opposed to Thunderbolt 3, however it is significantly larger at 3840 x 1200 with a wider aspect ratio of 32:10.

The CJ89 comes with a built-in KVM switch which gives it the ability to run multiple input devices.

Samsung’s Thunderbolt 3 QLED curved monitor, the CJ79 will be available in Australia from September 3 with an RRP of $1,599.


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