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IFA 2016: Sennheiser Brings High-End Audio To All Audiences

Sennheiser have announced a slew of new headphones in time for this year’s IFA Conference.

The cream of the crop here is the new HD500 range, which promises to help customers “unlock the full potential of their home audio equipment.”

Available in a number of over ear designs, the HD500 range feature Sennheiser’s own Ergonomic acoustic refinement (E.A.R.) technology to power the lavish audio experiences the brand is known for.


“As increasingly discerning consumers seek out richer formats such as Ultra HD video, Sennheiser is committed to creating audio solutions that make high-quality sound just as easy to enjoy everyday,” said Robin Schweizer, Product Manager Select at Sennheiser. 

They’re also building on the recently-launched PXC 550 with the new PXC 480.

Like the 550, the 480 features the Sennheiser’s NoiseGard hybrid active noise cancellation tech and comfortable design.

There have also been key improvements when it comes to battery life, with the bringing an improvement of 20 hours – pushing the headset’s standard charge life to 50 hours total.

According to Sennheiser’s Dr. Christian Ern, “Our new PXC 480 has been shaped around the needs of the discerning business traveller who demands a noise-cancelling headset that does not compromise on performance, style or features. Whether you want to focus on work, enjoy a movie or escape into music, it delivers an upgraded travel experience.”

Existing somewhere between the 480 and HD500 range, are the new HD 2 and HD 4 ranges.

“With a winning combination of performance, comfort and dependable build quality, the new HD 2 and HD 4 headphones are everyday audio heroes that can considerably enhance your mobile listening experience,” said Ivan Kuan, Head of Portfolio Management Essentials at Sennheiser.


The company say the HD 4.20, 4.30i and 4.30G feature “precise, bass-driven acoustics that maintain clarity and sound balance” and call them an ideal match for users listening to music on mobile devices. 

Meanwhile the HD 2.20, HD 230i and HD 230G are set to offer “great convenience and portability.”

The range emphasises mobility through a clean minimalist design that comes without compromise to sound quality. 

Expect the PXC 480, HD500 and HD 2 ranges (minus the white 2.30G and HD 2.20 variants) to land in Australia from as early as October 2016 and the HD 4 range to hit in 2017.

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