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Hurt By Chrombooks Microsoft To Do Windows Lite In Effort To Attract Schools

Hurt by the success of Google Chromebooks and their success in schools around the worlds Microsoft is getting set to roll out a stripped down lightweight version of Windows in an effort to compete with their arch rival.

Designed for for dual-screen devices “Windows Lite,” is set to launch with a new low cost Intel processor with the interface set to be similar to the current Windows 10 UI.

Microsoft developers are currently working on a new Composable Shell (C-Shell) and Windows Core OS, which insiders claim is more modular than the current Windows 10.

In both the browser market and with Chromebooks Microsoft has been forced to play second fiddle to Google who also forced Microsoft to abandon their ambitions in the smartphone market following the success of Android.

Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS

Following recent modifications the Windows Core OS is now being used to power hardware like the HoloLens 2 or Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Hub 2X.

The new offering will be a blend of what Microsoft does with its Surface Hub shell and the limited functionality of its Windows Phone Continuum user interface.

Windows Central first revealed that Microsoft is using the “Santorini” codename as part of Windows Lite. Santorini is part of the shell work that Microsoft is building to make it look and feel a lot different than regular Windows 10. ZDNet also reports that Microsoft could ship a dual-screen laptop-like device with or without Windows Lite.

At this stage it’s not clear exactly when Microsoft will ship Windows Lite or what it will eventually be named. The software maker has been experimenting with these ideas for years, as it has watched Chrome OS grow in popularity throughout schools in the US.

Microsoft is holding its Build conference in Seattle in early May, and it’s tipped that their Windows Lite strategy will be revealed at this event.

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