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Huawei To Unveil Smart TV In August

Chinese smartphone company, Huawei, is reportedly gearing to launch its first smart TVs, with the devices also among the first to feature its home-grown Harmony OS.

According to Caixin GlobalHuawei’s Honor consumer electronics arm President, Zhao Ming, claims the company’s “smart screen” will formally launch in August.

The launch date coincides with the continual ramp up of Huawei’s 5G networks.

Whilst Zhao refrained from explicitly calling the device a ‘TV’, he did confirm the product would push traditional TVs toward a “new direction in the industry’s development.”

Analysts are relatively certain the product will be a smart TV, with a spokesperson informing Caixin the device “can be connected to cables that receive television signals.”

The news comes as local TV competition continues to intensify, with JB  Hi-Fi launching the new affordable TCL manufactured ‘FFalcon’ range.

As previously reported, fellow Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus, is also preparing to launch its first TV soon.

The brand has received notable acclaim internationally for its techie phones.

Huawei has continued to face Western government backlash over alleged cybersecurity links to the Chinese government, coupled with its ban from the Australian 5G network build.

Some commentators claim, if unresolved, the current PR crisis does increase consumer apprehension about a Huawei TV controlling all their smart home devices.

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