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Huawei Tipped To ReLaunch Updated P30 Pro

Huawei is expected to launch a 2020 version of its P30 Pro, which will provide a range of updates to the flagship model that was released in early 2019. Digital Trends spotted the mention of a new edition P30 Pro on Huawei’s official consumer site. This would follow the new edition of the P30 Lite smartphone that was released later in 2019.

As Huawei has not yet officially announced the new product, it is unclear exactly what updates the 2020 model will provide. On top of Huawei’s own app store ‘AppGallery’, it is likely that the 2020 P30 Pro will support Google Play and Google services, like the new P30 Lite.

Although the Trump administration has banned US companies from working with Huawei, which therefore rules out Google, the P30 series was launched before the Huawei ban. As the P30 series had already been approved by Google when the ban was implemented, you’ll still find Google apps on these Huawei smartphones.

Despite the supply chain disruptions and economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, Huawei was still the third-largest vendor of smartphones in the world in Q1 2020, shipping 49 million devices, out of the global total of 272 million shipments.

However, Huawei still felt the impacts of the pandemic.

“Huawei was forced to juggle the dual impact of coronavirus and its ongoing US Entity List problems. Its overseas shipments plummeted 35% as it launched its first P series handset family without Google Mobile Services, the P40,” said Shengtao Jin, an analyst at tech market research firm Canalys.

“But channels are wary of exposing themselves to the risk of these untested products, so they are ranged in fewer channels than their predecessors, and initial channel orders are lower than Huawei would expect,” Jin said.

Huawei was still the leading vendor in China in Q1 2020, and was the only smartphone brand in the top five that was able to grow its shipments in the Chinese market. Huawei made 30.1 million smartphone shipments in China in Q1, accounting for 41.4% of that market.

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