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Huawei Takes Advantage Of Coronavirus To Jack Up Struggling OZ Channel

SYDNEY: Huawei is making plans to launch new networking equipment, including Wi-Fi 6 products, in a bid to turn around the Chinese company’s business after it laid off scores of sales staff in Australia, including channel chief Geoff Wright, reflecting Australia’s lockout of Huawei from the 5G network.

The Chinese giant has now restructured its Down Under business in a bid to maintain its relevance in Australian enterprise.

“Now our focus [will be] on our main products which we believe are storage and networking, Wi-Fi, camera switches and networking switches,” said Colin Hu, the new MD for Huawei’s Australian and New Zealand enterprise business. “So in a way, [it’s] a way of being more aligned with our partners.”

Huawei is set to begin rolling out a fleet of new networking products next month, including 13 different models of Wi-Fi 6. Spearheading this drive is Anna Gao, Huawei’s new channel director for its enterprise business group. She will be backed by a team of managers who, alongside an Australia-based technical team, will be on hand to support partners.

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