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Huawei Exec Slams “Failed” NBN & Rival Vendors

Huawei’s chief technology officer has said the corporation in charge of implementing the national broadband network his company was banned from participating in “has failed” to deliver.

Dr David Soldani claims the NBN Co won’t “deliver high-speed broadband to all Australians” and people need to stop expecting it to, according to excerpts from an upcoming blog post reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The government banned Huawei from participating in the NBN in 2012 and the 5G network in 2018.

Dr Soldani also took shots at Swedish competitor Ericsson for its role in supplying equipment for the NBN fixed wireless.

He said the company has been “escaping scrutiny for mishandling the deployment”, and criticised the government for giving the company “an even bigger role in delivering our crucial 5G infrastructure by excluding Huawei from the 5G market”.

Dr Soldani suggested using the government’s Mobile Black Spot program as a template to convince network operators to improve regional coverage and deliver 5G Fixed Wireless, after claiming “hundreds of sites are only delivering 6Mbps or less at peak-time”.

The comments came ahead of Dr Soldani’s scheduled speech at a 5G Business Summit this morning.

The NBN is due to complete roll out mid next year and a spokesperson for NBN Co told the Herald the company will be “continuously improving the service provided as internet and demand and data.

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