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Huawei Decision To Hit Europe, But US Sales Rules In Limbo

No matter what decision the UK has made overnight on Huawei’s involvement in its 5G roll, it will affect other similar networks across Europe and the US.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the outcome will give Britons the benefits of the new technology without compromising national security.

Huawei or not, it’s a moot point, certain to be argued by both the US and European administrations.

The US fears the Chinese company would gain access to British secrets.

Huawei denies it is a vehicle for Chinese intelligence and this could affect Britain’s role in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance of which Australia is a participant.

France and Germany are still struggling with the Huawei dilemma as they try to decide themselves on their 5G networks. A yes from the UK on Huawei is almost certain to impact how France and Germany vote, despite the unrelenting US pressure.

The US Commerce Department has withdrawn a rule aimed at further reducing sales to Huawei Technologies by US companies.

It follows pressure from no less than the US Defence Department which said the move would harm US businesses.

It’s thrown a spanner in the works for the Trump Administration which has been trying to expunge Huawei from all associations with the US companies and telecoms.

The Commerce Department is also in a spin saying that, ”..if and when” the agency has something to announce, “…we will do so.”

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