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Optoma To Unveil The QUADzilla + 4K Gaming Projector For Oz

World-leading projector brand Optoma is set to unveil an expanded range of Optoma QUAD all-in-one LED display solutions, with the flagship QUADzilla all-in-one display leading the pack, alongside a brand new 4K gaming projector, the UHD42 or UHD50X as it will be known down under.

Set to be unveiled at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, the new QUADzilla FHDQ163 Full HD 1080p LED display is a massive 163-inches with out of the box installation.

Insanely, Optoma even allows multiple QUADzilla’s to be connected together for the ultimate kaiju-sized display.

The new TV will boast Optoma’s QUAD series 4-in-1 SMD pixel for a smoother screen surface and extended viewing angle.

Corsair Solutions is set to offer the QUADzilla TV, but unfortunately, it will be without its epic name, instead it will be called the QUAD LED FHDQ163.

In addition to the massive TV will be immersive hologram experiences at the Optoma booth.

Partnering with blueBOX, Optoma will be using the DuraCore laser 4K UHD 10,000-lumen ZK1050 projector to create 3D holographic circus filled with animals.

Gaming is also on the agenda for new projectors, with the company set to feature the world’s first 240Hz gaming projector, featuring 1080p 240Hz ultra-smooth motion.

Optoma has partnered with Scan Computers and Nvidia to make the UHD42/ UHD50X the ultimate gaming projector.

Both WBT and AmberTech will be bringing the UHD50X gaming projector in March for $2,999 and $3,199.00 respectively.

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