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Huawei Confirms 5G Phone & Chip Launch Next Year

Despite fighting allegations its products [and services] pose national security risks, Chinese-based Huawei has announced it’s releasing its first 5G chips and supported smartphones next year.

The news comes from MWC Shangai, where Huawei acting CEO, Eric Xu, confirmed the scheduled launch of 5G chips in March 2019, and compatible phones in June.

According to Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimesXu asserts ‘3GPP Released 16’ – which is expected by year’s end – will rectify 5G low latency and connectivity issues, thereby accelerating the network’s development.

Xu affirms 5G will significantly boost mobile video streaming capabilities, and improve mobile-based virtual and augmented reality.

Huawei has confirmed it plans to roll-out commercial solutions for 5G non-standalone networks in September this year, with 5G standalone network solutions in March 2019.

On Wednesday, Huawei Australia Chairman, John Lord, addressed Canberra’s National Press Club, to dispel “myths” and make a case for the company’s inclusion in the local 5G build.

Lord asserts Huawei has been involved in Australia’s 4G network for over 15 years, with no national security qualms raised thus far.

“If Huawei can deliver 4G in Australia already, why can’t it do 5G?” he adds.

In a bid to appease remaining concerns, Chairman Lord claims Huawei is the most “audited, inspected, reviewed and critiqued global ICT player in the world.”

Despite recommendations from America’s intelligence chiefs advising against the use of Huawei phones, the Chinese-company is forecasting a 30% increase in its smartphone shipments this year.

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