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Huawei Australia Chairman Seeks To Debunk “Myths”

Huawei Australia Chairman, John Lord, has today addressed the National Press Club, asserting the Chinese company does not pose national security risks, and should be allowed to bid on the 5G network.

Chairman Lord has acknowledged several “myths” about the company, admitting Huawei has “failed” to properly address them:

“There are a lot of myths that have developed around Huawei and we, as a company, have probably failed to properly address or combat them.”

“… if you let misinformation and unproven statements stand, they will be regurgitated by your detractors, and in the end, mud sticks”, Lord adds.

Lord claims Huawei has been involved with Australia’s 4G network for over 15 years, with no national security qualms raised thus far.

“If Huawei can deliver 4G in Australia already, why can’t it do 5G?”

As part of his address, Chairman Lord admitted to the presence of a communist branch within Huawei, while asserting similar branches likely exist in Nokia, Samsung, BHP and other entities with Chinese operations.

Despite this, Lord affirms Huawei’s communist branch “has no say in operations”.

“Three out of four joint ventures in China have a [communist] branch”

“But that branch has no say in our operations. It meets in non-working hours and looks after staff social issues and activities. It has nothing to do with the management of the company and is run by a retired employee of the company.”

Chairman Lord also sought to debunk myths that Huawei is locally linked to China’s intelligence agency, adding “in Australia, we follow Australian laws” and “to do otherwise would be corporate suicide”.

He also dispelled claims the UK government regretted Huawei’s involvement, by quoting contrary remarks from Chancellor George Osborne.

In a bid to appease remaining concerns, Chairman Lord asserts Huawei is the most “audited, inspected, reviewed and critiqued global ICT player in the world.”

As reported yesterday, latest research reveals Huawei sponsored the most amount of overseas trips for Australian federal politicians, in the last eight years.

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