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Despite Problems Huawei Eyes 30% Smartphone Growth

Huawei has revealed it’s increasing its annual smartphone shipment target by 50 million units. Despite intense market competition, the Chinese company is aiming for 200 million shipments, up from 150 million last year.

The announcement was made by Huawei CEO of Consumer Business, Yu Chengdong, in a video commemorating the anniversary of ‘China’s Twitter’ Weibo.

On a global scale, Huawei sits behind Apple and Samsung, however, Chengdong affirms the company is pursuing a 30% increase in smartphone shipments this year.

Reflecting increased market competition, for the first time Huawei tied with rivals Oppo and Xiaomi for the top spot in its home country China.

The news comes as Huawei continues to rebuff allegations its products/services pose national security risks.

As previously reported, early this year several US intelligence chiefs advised against the use of Huawei phones, citing links to the Chinese government.

Yesterday, Huawei Australia Chairman John Lord addressed the National Press Club, in a bid to debunk “myths” about the Chinese company, and make a case for its inclusion in the 5G network build.

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