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Huawei CFO Seeks Bail Over Health Concerns

Huawei Chief Financial Officer and Founder’s daughter, Meng Wanzhou, is reportedly seeking bail whilst awaiting an extradition hearing, citing health concerns whilst incarcerated.

According to Bloomberg, the thyroid cancer survivor  requires access to daily medication, and is suffering from hypertension, whilst unable to eat solid foods or sleep.

Equity in two multi-million dollar homes (in excess of US$12 million) has reportedly been put up as collateral.

It comes after Meng was arrested in Canada – at the request of the United States – on December 1, for allegedly violating US sanctions against Iran.

China has urged for her immediate release, with legal officials fighting the extradition request.

As per ReutersMeng has maintained innocence, asserting she’ll contest allegations during a trial in the United States.

The arrest has continued to strain relations between the United States and China, with US stock futures falling 0.71% in early Asia trading.

Meng is facing allegations she misled multinational banks about Huawei’s control of an Iran-based company – a deception which reportedly put banks at risk of violating US sanctions, thereby severe penalties.

American officials reportedly claim the Chinese giant was using the banks to move money out of Iran.

The news comes after US intelligence chiefs offered a warning against Huawei products and services early this year, coupled with its ban from Australia’s 5G network build in August.

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