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Huawei Boss Vows To “Retake Our Throne” In Phone Market

Despite ongoing US sanctions causing mass havoc with production lines, Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping has vowed that the Chinese tech giant will again be number one in the smartphone sector.

“Huawei will remain in the smartphone business,” said Guo in a statement posted to the company’s social media platforms.

“We will eventually retake our throne in the smartphone market, while continuing to improve our chip-making capabilities.”

This comes in the wake of Huawei’s biggest first-half revenue drop in decades, with sales falling 29.4 per cent year-on-year to $AUD67.6 billion.

At the time, Richard Yu, the company’s consumer devices chief, said the US sanctions had “posed great difficulties to our business operations and day-to-day work.”

Sales outside of China, however, increased, buoyed by the launch of Huawei’s updated Harmony OS, and the rapid growth of its cloud and enterprise businesses.

In a statement following the results, Chairman Eric Xu was diplomatic: “Our aim is to survive, and to do so sustainably,”

Cina’s former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yizhong, has thrown support behind Huawei’s plans to bolster its chip manufacturing capabilities.

“Huawei has ambitions to create its own chip manufacturing line,” he said.

“We should understand, and support it.”


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