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Huawei Blamed As Things Go From Bad To Worse For Apple

When it comes to a home turf fight Huawei is inflicting a lot of pain on Apple with sales of the banned brand surging 23% in China while Apple has fallen 20% according data from industry research firm IDC.

The report is the first to put a firm number on the scale of a recent decline in Apple’s fortunes in the world’s second-largest economy, after chief executive Tim Cook pointed to China as a big factor in a rare cut in the company’s quarterly sales forecast last month.

In Australia leading sellers of the iPhone are also reporting a “significant” fall in demand for the iPhone.

When things started to go pear shaped for Apple the big US Company chose to no longer breaks out detailed numbers on iPhone shipments in its quarterly results, meaning that the latest IDC data is the clearest indicator of shifts in sales for Apple where the iPhone represents 62% of all revenue.

The figures in the report showed a 19.9 percent fall in Apple’s smartphone shipments in the final quarter of 2018, while Huawei’s grew 23.3 percent. That reduced Apple’s market share to 11.5 percent from 12.9 percent a year earlier, the report said.

“Besides regular performance upgrades in 2018 and small changes to the exterior, there has not been any major innovation that supports users to continue to change their phones at the greatly increased price,” the report said.

“The severe macro environment in China and the assault of domestic brands’ innovative products have also been reasons for Apple’s continued decline.”

A separate report from another common industry source, Hong Kong-based Counterpoint, earlier this month confirmed a similar sharp fall in sales in India — another big emerging market where Apple is struggling.

Counterpoint said iPhone sales in the fourth quarter, which includes India’s electronics sales-heavy Diwali festival, fell 25 percent on the year, reducing total sales in 2018 to 1.7 million units from 3.2 million a year earlier.

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