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HTC’s Big Announcement Might Have Been Leaked

Though they hardly made it through CES without an announcement or two, HTC look to be holding their bigger reveals back for a special press event to take place on January 12th.

A teaser sent out last month promised something special “for U” and now it looks like infamous tech blogger Evan Blass has shed some light on what that could be.

Blass posted a video on Twitter showcasing some of the features coming to HTC’s 2017 range of smartphones.

While the video is light on technical details, it does emphasize the aesthetic flair that looks to be on the cards with the new handsets.

The video shows off some of the unique, and in some cases, textured designs that the company’s new smartphones will incorporate.

They also hint at a model that shares branding with HTC’s Vive.

It’s unknown at this time whether or not the Vive-branded device will be specially designed for portable VR or merely wear the same name as HTC’s virtual reality offering.

Expect more news to come later in the week.


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