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HTC, Sony, Samsung, Facebook and More Band Together On VR Advocacy

Facebook’s Oculus, Google, HTC, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Samsung, and Acer have joined forces to form a VR-industry consortium called the Global Virtual Reality Association.

The nonprofit organization that will work to determine and share best practices for the budding VR market, which analysts say could generate as much as $40 billion in revenues by 2020.

“As the VR industry is taking off, it is crucial that we increase dialogue among stakeholders to ensure we are building a solid foundation to drive innovation for the years to come. The GVRA brings together industry leaders and fosters collaboration; StarVR looks forward to taking part in this exciting journey,” said Jerry Kao, CEO of the Acer Starbreeze Corporation

Google’s Jon Wiley was similarly enthused about the move, saying “The GVRA is a necessary first step toward ensuring great VR experiences for everyone, through collaborating on research and sharing best practices as the field grows and evolves. We look forward to working with our industry colleagues.”

Meanwhile Samsung’s Vice President for Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics Tae-Yong Kim said “the rapid growth of the virtual reality industry presents many challenges as well as opportunities. It is important that we set a clear precedent for best practices and create a solid foundation from which we can build meaningful progress. Samsung is pleased to join the GVRA and to work with other industry leaders to promote responsible development and adoption of VR globally.”

 Finally, HTC Vive’s Rikard Steiber said “It is important that we as an industry are working together to establish best practices and common resources for our industry that will drive toward the $120 billion projection by 2020. The GVRA represents industry leaders and hardware manufacturers across the globe who are creating the best VR experiences available.”

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