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HTC Doubles-Down On Blockchain Smartphone

After claiming that its flagship blockchain smartphone met sales expectations, struggling smartphone manufacturer HTC has indicated that it plans to release a second generation of the Exodus handset by the end of 2019.

Taiwan News reported HTC decentralized chief officer Phil Chen announcing that the second version of the handset is in development in an effort to boost smartphone sales and expand its blockchain ecosystem.

The next iteration of the Exodus smartphone will expand its blockchain apps to include browsing, messaging, social media apps, and further integration with more blockchain startups.

HTC claimed that the first-generation of its blockchain-powered smartphone, the Exodus 1, sold out but failed to share unit numbers.

The embattled smartphone manufacturer recently reported unaudited consolidated revenues slumping 76% year-on-year to NT$625 million — among the lowest revenue results since the company was listed on Taiwan’s stock market in 2013.

For the first two months of 2019, total revenues notched NT$1.63 billion – a 72.8% decline versus the same time a year ago.

The Exodus phone is considered a world first, boasting a universal wallet for cryptocurrency and decentralised apps (read more here).

As previously reported, HTC has also inked deals with several global telecom operators for new 5G mobile smart hubs. Telcos include Telstra in Australia and Deutsche Telecom in Germany.

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